International Association for Dynamic Judgement-formation

The core of the International Association for Dynamic Judgement-formation is the impulse of Dynamic Judgement-formation as it was inaugurated by Lex Bos.
"The motive of this thesis stems out of my sincere concern regarding the development of society as a whole. I am convinced that this development is closely related to the way we do scientific research. Is it possible through content, method and purpose to scientifically work in such a way that a correspondence is called to life which shows human dimensions and has a human face?" (Dissertation: Oordeelsvorming in groepen, A.H. Bos, Wageningen 1974)
The common purpose of the IADJ is to work on the spiritual roots, the development and enhancement of Dynamic Judgement-formation effectiveness in the world.
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The individual member benefits from the exceptionally broad skills base of the other colleagues. The reciprocal gain is the purpose, ultimately, of joining forces and experiences. One mainstay of the work is the annual IADJ Conference, so far held in one of the countries of participants.
IADJ is open for professional consultants who work with DJF out of a spiritual worldview and image of man. IADJ is generally open for guests that would like to get to know the people involved and our way of work. Entering into this kind of a continuous cooperation is based on mutual candour and trust and asks for a significant amount of personal commitment.
Membership of IADJ is only open to individuals, not to organizations or companies.